This is the DAO smart contract

pragma solidity ^0.6.0;
pragma experimental ABIEncoderV2;
import "./ReentrancyGuard.sol";
import "./IGovERC721.sol";
import "./SafeMath.sol";
contract MintableGovernance is ReentrancyGuard {
using SafeMath for uint256;
/// @notice The name of this contract
string public constant name = "Mintable Governor Alpha";
address public Governor;
IGovERC721 public GovNFT;
/// @notice The number of votes required in order for a voter to become a proposer
function proposalThreshold() public pure returns (uint256) { return 10_000; } // 0.1% of voting power
/// @notice The delay before voting on a proposal may take place, once proposed
function votingDelay() public pure returns (uint256) { return 1 days; } // 1 day
/// @notice The duration of voting on a proposal, in blocks
function votingPeriod() public pure returns (uint256) { return 14 days; } // ~14 days in blocks (assuming 15s blocks)
/// @notice The total number of proposals
uint256 public proposalCount;
struct Proposal {
/// @notice Unique id for looking up a proposal
uint256 id;
/// @notice Creator of the proposal
address proposer;
/// @notice The block at which voting begins: holders must delegate their votes prior to this block
uint256 startBlock;
/// @notice The block at which voting ends: votes must be cast prior to this block
uint256 endBlock;
/// @notice Current number of votes in favor of this proposal
uint256 forVotes;
/// @notice Current number of votes in opposition to this proposal
uint256 againstVotes;
/// @notice Flag marking whether the proposal has been canceled
bool canceled;
/// @notice Flag marking whether the proposal has been executed
bool executed;
/// @notice Receipts of ballots for the entire set of voters
mapping (address => Receipt) receipts;
// @notice URL of the proposal
string proposal_url;
/// @notice Ballot receipt record for a voter
struct Receipt {
/// @notice Whether or not a vote has been cast
bool hasVoted;
/// @notice Whether or not the voter supports the proposal
bool support;
/// @notice The number of votes the voter had, which were cast
uint256 votes;
/// @notice Possible states that a proposal may be in
enum ProposalState {
/// @notice The official record of all proposals ever proposed
mapping (uint256 => Proposal) public proposals;
/// @notice The latest proposal for each proposer
mapping (address => uint256) public latestProposalIds;
// Mapping of wash traders to prevent them from stealing votes
mapping(address => bool) private _washTraders;
// Mapping of community approved contracts
mapping(address => bool) private _approvedContracts;
/// @notice An event emitted when a new proposal is created
event ProposalCreated(uint256 id, address proposer, uint256 startBlock, uint256 endBlock, string description);
/// @notice An event emitted when a vote has been cast on a proposal
event VoteCast(address voter, uint256 proposalId, bool support, uint256 votes);
/// @notice An event emitted when a proposal has been canceled
event ProposalCanceled(uint256 id);
/// @notice An event emitted when a proposal has been executed in the Timelock
event ProposalExecuted(uint256 id);
modifier isGovernor() {
require(msg.sender == Governor, "GovernorAlpha::IsGovernor: Not the governor");
constructor(address _govNFT) public {
Governor = msg.sender;
GovNFT = IGovERC721(_govNFT);
function changeGovNFT(address _contract) isGovernor external {
GovNFT = IGovERC721(_contract);
function propose(string memory _url, string memory description) nonReentrant public returns (uint256) {
require(GovNFT.delegateVotingPower(msg.sender) >= proposalThreshold(), "GovernorAlpha::propose: proposer votes below proposal threshold");
require(bytes(_url).length > 0 && bytes(description).length > 0, "GovernorAlpha::propose: URL and description are required");
uint256 latestProposalId = latestProposalIds[msg.sender];
if (latestProposalId != 0) {
ProposalState proposersLatestProposalState = state(latestProposalId);
require(proposersLatestProposalState != ProposalState.Active, "GovernorAlpha::propose: one live proposal per proposer, found an already active proposal");
require(proposersLatestProposalState != ProposalState.Pending, "GovernorAlpha::propose: one live proposal per proposer, found an already pending proposal");
uint256 startBlock = block.timestamp.add(votingDelay());
uint256 endBlock = startBlock.add(votingPeriod());
Proposal memory newProposal = Proposal({
id: proposalCount,
proposer: msg.sender,
startBlock: startBlock,
endBlock: endBlock,
proposal_url: _url,
forVotes: 0,
againstVotes: 0,
canceled: false,
executed: false
proposals[newProposal.id] = newProposal;
latestProposalIds[newProposal.proposer] = newProposal.id;
emit ProposalCreated(newProposal.id, msg.sender, startBlock, endBlock, description);
return newProposal.id;
/// @notice The number of votes in support of a proposal required in order for a quorum to be reached and for a vote to succeed
function quorumVotes() public view returns (uint256) { return (GovNFT.totalVotingPower().mul(15)).div(100); } // 15% of voting power
function execute(uint256 proposalId) isGovernor() public {
require(state(proposalId) == ProposalState.Succeeded, "GovernorAlpha::execute: proposal can only be executed if it is queued");
Proposal storage proposal = proposals[proposalId];
proposal.executed = true;
emit ProposalExecuted(proposalId);
function cancel(uint256 proposalId) public {
ProposalState state = state(proposalId);
require(state != ProposalState.Executed, "GovernorAlpha::cancel: cannot cancel executed proposal");
require(state != ProposalState.Defeated, "GovernorAlpha::cancel: cannot cancel defeated proposal");
require(state != ProposalState.Succeeded, "GovernorAlpha::cancel: cannot cancel Succeeded proposal");
Proposal storage proposal = proposals[proposalId];
require(msg.sender == proposal.proposer, "GovernorAlpha::cancel: Only the proposer can cancel the vote");
proposal.canceled = true;
emit ProposalCanceled(proposalId);
function getReceipt(uint256 proposalId, address voter) public view returns (Receipt memory) {
return proposals[proposalId].receipts[voter];
function state(uint256 proposalId) public view returns (ProposalState) {
require(proposalCount >= proposalId && proposalId > 0, "GovernorAlpha::state: invalid proposal id");
Proposal storage proposal = proposals[proposalId];
if (proposal.canceled) {
return ProposalState.Canceled;
} else if (block.timestamp <= proposal.startBlock) {
return ProposalState.Pending;
} else if (block.timestamp <= proposal.endBlock) {
return ProposalState.Active;
} else if (proposal.forVotes <= proposal.againstVotes || proposal.forVotes < quorumVotes()) {
return ProposalState.Defeated;
} else if (proposal.executed) {
return ProposalState.Executed;
} else if (proposal.forVotes > proposal.againstVotes && proposal.forVotes > quorumVotes()) {
return ProposalState.Succeeded;
function castVote(uint256 proposalId, bool support) public {
return _castVote(msg.sender, proposalId, support);
function _castVote(address voter, uint256 proposalId, bool support) nonReentrant internal {
require(state(proposalId) == ProposalState.Active, "GovernorAlpha::_castVote: voting is closed");
Proposal storage proposal = proposals[proposalId];
Receipt storage receipt = proposal.receipts[voter];
require(receipt.hasVoted == false, "GovernorAlpha::_castVote: voter already voted");
uint256 votes = GovNFT.delegateVotingPower(voter);
if (support) {
proposal.forVotes = proposal.forVotes.add(votes);
} else {
proposal.againstVotes = proposal.againstVotes.add(votes);
receipt.hasVoted = true;
receipt.support = support;
receipt.votes = votes;
GovNFT._lockNFT(voter, proposalId);
emit VoteCast(voter, proposalId, support, votes);
function getWashTrader(address _account) external view returns (bool){
return _washTraders[_account];
function getApprovedContracts(address _contract) external view returns (bool){
return _approvedContracts[_contract];
function addWashTrader(address _account, bool _value) external isGovernor returns (bool){
_washTraders[_account] = _value;
return _value;
function addApprovedContracts(address _NFT, bool _value) external isGovernor returns (bool){
_approvedContracts[_NFT] = _value;
return _value;