I have an idea!

Where should I start?
1) Got an idea for our community? Awesome –– now, go advocate! Initiate a discussion in Mintable’s Discord DAO channel, Twitter and get a conversation going! Convince other participants to support you and your proposal, get them to express their voice & give you their votes. Seek feedback. Make sure that your proposal will make the platform better for everyone in the community.
2) Choose the right tags, bold title, and make sure there is no ongoing or rejected proposal on the same subject already.
  • Proposal Category: Platform development / new features Moderation Community/governance
  • Technical upgrades
  • Describe your proposal in detail
  • Summary [what is being proposed?]
  • Motivation [why do you want this implemented? how will the Mintable community benefit from it? offer convincing arguments/solutions to the problems]
  • How can it be implemented? How difficult is it?
  • Other points to consider, pictures and images
Mention your credentials & the number of $MINTs you hold for other community members to assess. Why and how this benefits the community. To submit an official proposal, you can't be anonymous.
3) Are you ready? Create your proposal here.