Messages and Messaging

Talk to each other!

Checking your messages

Click Messages under "My Account".

Creating a new message

Step 1: Click on the mail icon with a plus symbol on the left side to create a new message.
Step 2: Type in the username of who you want to message.

Messaging someone directly

You can click on the user's profile and click on the "Message" button directly to chat with the user too.
Please be careful when clicking links and signing messages to prevent your Metamask from being compromised, and risk your assets being stolen.
Refrain from engaging in private trades or dealing privately either via Mintable's messaging function, as they are likely to be scams. Mintable staff will not send PMs to you and will never ask for your wallet seed phrase, show your wallet QR Code or direct you to external links.
Mintable staff will NEVER ask users for any cryptocurrencies, to click a link, or scan a QR code for verification, technical support, or similar reasons. If in doubt, contact us here.