My Won Auctions

See and pay for your won auctions

Here you can keep track of, and pay for your auctions you've won.

How to pay for an auction you've won

Press pay now!

Its very easy - you just need to press the pay now button and then submit the transaction via your wallet.

After your transaction has been confirmed - you will own the NFT and the seller will get paid!

What if I don't want to pay?

You made a commitment to pay if you won when you placed a bid - so if you don't want to pay the seller can flag your account for not paying.

Everytime you get flagged for not paying - you won't be able to place a bid on any other items for 3 days.

If you get flagged 3 times - you won't be able to place a bid on any item ever again. You will only be able to buy items directly.