How to sell digital items that are in your wallet
Resell an item, sell another item from another app, or just sell your items you haven't listed

What is the difference between selling items and creating items?

  • If you bought an NFT/item from someone and want to resell it
  • If you minted your items but didn't list them for sale
  • If you have an NFT in your wallet from another service/game/app and want to sell it

Make sure the item is in your wallet

If the item isn't in your wallet, then you cannot sell it. So make sure you own/have the blockchain item inside your wallet when trying to sell it. If you minted it on Mintable and haven't listed it for sale, or bought a new item, it will be in your wallet.

Sell from your profile

If you don't see your item in your wallet - you can add it directly by its smart contract address.

Sell directly - you need the contract address and token ID

Click on "Sell" at the top of the page
Once loaded - you can fill out the listing information.
Last modified 1yr ago