I would love to work with Mintable!

How do I get started?

We would love to partner with all kinds of creators, but we would like them to take the lead in creating their art and uploading it on Mintable. Due to our volume, we cannot guarantee a reply to all partnership requests. We appreciate your understanding at this time.

Before we can consider a partnership, do get the following items ready:

  1. The artwork, assets, and files are ready.

  2. Solid ideas on what your NFTs unlock for the buyers - These could be bonus content such as high-quality video files, work files, or digital subscription access to your platform. The potential is unlimited!

  3. Willingness to plan, market and promote the drop on your own channels.

If you feel that you are ready, contact us here.

After providing us your proposal, if you want to try out Mintable,

Do check out the following guides to get started:

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