What is a DMCA takedown notice?

What is a takedown notice and processes.

The DMCA notice and takedown process is a tool for copyright holders to get material that infringes on their copyright taken off of Mintable.

There are two parts to the process: a takedown-notice procedure for copyright holders to request that content be removed; and a counter-notice procedure for users to get content re-enabled if the content is taken down inappropriately.

What does a DMCA takedown process look like for both parties?

Step 1: The copyright owner investigates, and gathers documentation. They must conduct an initial research process to ensure that they own the copyright to an original work , and that the content on Mintable is unauthorized and infringes on their right.

Step 2: The copyright owner emails a notice to Mintable. After conducting their research process, a copyright owner prepares and sends a takedown notice to Mintable. If the takedown notice satisfies the statutory requirements of the DMCA, we will send the notice to the affected creator and disable access to the content or user's account in question while the dispute is in process.

Step 3: The creator may file a counter-notice. We encourage users who have had content disabled to consult with a lawyer about their options. If they believe their content was disabled inappropriately, they may send us a counter-notice. If the counter-notice satisfies the statutory requirements of the DMCA, we will send the counter-notice back to the copyright owner. If the copyright owner does not notify Mintable that they have filed a court action against the creator within no less than ten business days and no more than fourteen business days after receiving the counter-notice, we will restore access to the content in question.

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