Certifying your rights

During the minting process, you have to agree that you own the rights to the NFT you are creating.

Mintable has to abide by copyright laws and regulations. Therefore we must comply with infringement requests. Mintable does not support fraud, money laundering, or any actions that violate our terms of service.

If you took an image from Google, Instagram, or other social media locations and added a photo filter or text to an image does not qualify as your work or rights. You cannot list it as an NFT!

How does this apply to NFTs?

Consider the following questions before creating your NFT collection.

  • Do you own the original rights for all assets in your work?

  • If not, does your use of the copyrighted work add new expression, meaning, or message to the original work?

  • Does your use of the copyrighted work adversely affect the value or owners of the original work?

  • Do you have written authorization from the original creator to create an NFT?

  • If you are modifying an existing NFT (like CryptoPunks or BAYC), do you own the original NFT in your account?

Simply adding a photo filter or text to an image may not qualify as your rights. Including disclaimer wording such as "all rights go to the author" or "no infringement intended" in your description also does not exempt you from infringement claims, as the copyright holder has not granted permission.

These restrictions are in place to protect end-users. Sometimes, we get manipulated by bad actors that get through the curation process. However, it's nearly impossible to defend every user and prevent bad actors from using Mintable.

We hope users understand our precautions, and hopefully, this information helps everyone make informed decisions on Mintable in the future.

Mintable reserves the right to remove these items before/after purchase if they are in violation of copyright laws or are known to be fake or inappropriate.

Check out our article on this feature here. If you still have any questions or issues, please contact us here.

We review artworks' authenticity on a case-by-case basis to verify the original artist or to see if there is a sufficient difference between something online and what you are trying to upload.

Please send the the art in question as well as proof that you are the original creator to https://forms.gle/HpGD7paqiuZGaPQCA.

Once we have verified that your artwork is original, we will get you past our reverse image search verification bot.

Alternatively, you can choose to mint traditionally, which costs gas.

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