How to create an item
Create your content and sell it - while it lives forever on the blockchain
Check out our Seller University video here.

Step 1: Make sure you have a store or use the Mintable Store!

You need a store to put your item once its made. So make sure you have a store first. If you don't you can use the Mintable store to sell your items.

Step 2: Click on "Mint an item" on the navigation and then choose "Create a new item"

Step 3: Fill out the details for your item

All the details from the listing page
This is the store you will create these items under. Make sure you select the correct store. (store is your smart contract to mint the NFTs on).
The category of item you are making. If its art - it would be under "artwork". If its a music file, it would be under "media file"
Token name
The name of the token that will be stored on the blockchain - can be the same as your title.
The name of the listing that will be seen by users when browsing items - can be the same as your token name or different.
The subtitle of your listing.
Tags to help people find your items by searching
The price in USD to sell your item for. It shows the ZIL conversion as well.
Downloadable file
The file that can be downloaded when someone buys your NFT. Can be ANY file format. File size limit is 3gb.
Preview images/NFT image
This is the image that will be stored on the blockchain and seen as the default image. The first image you upload cannot be changed afterwards. All other images are displayed on the item page.
Accepts: all image formats, mp4 videos, and .GLB 3D files. File size limit is 200mb.
We recommend the preview images dimensions to be larger than 800px x 800px.
Metadata - optional
This is extra metadata that will be on the token. If you want to add something like "social media profiles" or a link to your website. You can add it here.
Example of adding a website and Facebook page to the metadata on the token
Transfer the copyright to the buyer of this token which be stored on the blockchain that can be referenced via the explorer at any point in the future.
Allow others to resell this item. If not selected, buyers will not be able to sell this NFT on Mintable again.
Mint only
Mint your token on the blockchain and don't list it for sale.
Downloadable File
Read our article on Unlockable files and its use cases here.
As a content creator, you can add downloadable content to your collectibles, that only becomes visible after a transfer of ownership (i.e. selling or gifting your NFT). Artists use this feature to include high res files, wallpapers, secret messages etc.

Step 4: Accept the transaction via your wallet

You will have two actions to submit:
    Creating your item on the blockchain
    Signing a message to list your item for sale
Do not close the page or leave until you see the confirmation popup.

Step 5: Success!

Your item is now created and listed for sale! Make sure you share the link around to get more eyes on your item!
Last modified 1mo ago