How to start creating items on the blockchain?

Its the easiest way to earn crypto - and its something you already do!

Creating items on the blockchain

There are 3 ways you can start creating items on the blockchain:

Mint via Mintable's Gasless Feature

Sell items without a store using Mintable's store

Mintable's store is a general-purpose smart contract that lets anyone create digital items (NFTs). This means you won't need to spend the $500 to create your own store - saving you money!

But it also means you cannot edit, change, or have any unique branding for the store.

To create an item within Mintable's store - click on "sell" at the top of the page

Click on "Traditional". Do note you will need to pay gas for minting.

Then select "Mint in the Mintable store" - now you are creating an item without needing a store!

Follow the rest of the steps for creating an item for sale:

Create your own store and sell items

If you choose to create your own store (which you should!) then you can create a brand image and control the store completely.

This lets you control every aspect of the creation process. See the guide below on doing this:

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