Types of items - Gasless, Printable, Normal
Explaining the different options of items you can make on Mintable

Mintable offers flexibility - but what are those options?

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Gasless Minting

What is gasless minting?
In short — it means you can make your item on the blockchain without needing to actually submit anything transaction to the blockchain. This will allow a ton of new users into the NFT space by removing the friction of needing to pay to make an NFT.
All you need to do is sign a message and your NFT will be created.
Is this on L2 or mainnet?
This is on the main Ethereum network!
Why won’t it appear in my wallet until transferred or purchased?
The way wallets look for NFTs is by listening for a transfer event — since there is no transaction on the blockchain — the transfer event only happens when someone buys it, or you transfer it to yourself or someone else. The item still exists, you can see it on Mintable, and you can see it on Etherscan. If you manually add it to your wallet — depending on the wallet, you should be able to see it.
Are there extra costs when someone buys the item then? (delaying the minting?)
Nope! It's already minted and the buyer or sender has no extra costs.
Is it an ERC-721 NFT?

Printable Series

A printable series is a way to create any amount of NFTs that are for sale - but are not minted until purchased. Meaning you can make a series of 500 NFTs and if only 2 are purchased - only 2 exist.
You need to submit 1 transaction to create a printable series, but you can do any amount of NFTs.

Normal items

These are traditional items - you mint them via a transaction.
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