What files can I upload and what is the size restrictions?

For the private downloadable file: any and all file types are supported.

Size limit: 3GB

For the preview images: any image file, mp4 or .GLB

Size limit: 200MB

We recommend the preview images dimensions to be larger than 800px x 800px.

MP4s and GLB (3D files)

If you want to have a 3D image that can be interacted it by anyone - you just need to upload a .GLB file as one of the preview images.

MP4s are also accepted as a means to play videos if the user wants to watch it.

You still need to upload a basic image as the display image if you choose either of these types.

If your file name contains special characters like $%*&#@()[] in the file title or any non-English characters, it will not upload.

If you are having issues uploading, disable other extensions on your browser except for MetaMask. Close all Mintable tabs, refresh and try again.