What is an Ethereum wallet - how do I get one?

A wallet holds your cryptocurrency and digital items (once made). Only you can access your wallet and its like you own bank account you control.

What is a wallet?

You need ETH in order to submit any transaction on the Ethereum blockchain. A wallet is where you hold your ETH and how you submit transactions/create/buy/sell items on Mintable.

Wallets are ultra secure - we cannot do anything without your permission. You have to manually approve or deny every transaction to make sure you agree. But don't worry its easy.

In order to use a dapp (decentralized application) you need to have a wallet that can connect to dapps. Currently, that would be Metamask, Trust Wallet, Rainbow, and a large array of others.

Metamask is a browser extension for chrome and firefox and its a wallet to store your crypto and interact with dapps on the blockchain. Its recommended to use on Mintable!

How to get a wallet

Install metamask into your browser - it takes about 5 seconds.

You can get metamask on as a Chrome or firefox extension. Its super easy to install, it takes about 5 seconds and then about 10 seconds to set up an account.

Get metamask at: https://metamask.io

To load your purchased NFTs into metamask, go here.

Make sure you only install Metamask from their official website: https://metamask.io