How to earn votes

Earning votes to use to control the platform

Every time you buy/sell an item on the marketplace you could earn votes

Every transaction you make on the marketplace to buy or sell an NFT can earn you votes. The way it works is:

If you don't have a voting NFT (MINT) yet

If you buy an NFT on the marketplace - once your transaction is confirmed - you will actually get two NFTs. The one you wanted to buy, and a voting NFT (MINT). The voting NFT will contain your votes on it.

If you already have a voting NFT (MINT)

If you buy an item on the marketplace - your voting NFT will increase in votes based on the number of votes you earned.
If your transaction value is below the required amount to earn votes - you won't get an NFT or votes - see calculating votes below

Calculating votes - how many votes will you earn?

Each vote has a current cost associated with it based on a bonding curve on the smart contract. So as more votes are sold/earned the price of each vote increases.
In order to earn votes - you need to buy an NFT for more than 2x the current voting cost. Since votes are split 50/50 between the buyer and seller - to earn 1 vote, you need to spend enough for at least 2 votes, so 1 goes to the buyer and 1 goes to the seller.
If you are not trading a super NFT - then the amount of votes is cut in half - or in other words - the super NFT's give you double the votes.
This means if your item isn't a super NFT - you need to spend 4x the current cost of a vote.
For example:
The current cost is 0.005 ETH per vote. Therefore, in order to gain 1 vote and voting NFT - you'd need to spend 4x that amount (2x if the contract is a super NFT).
So 0.02 ETH would earn you 1 vote at the price of 0.005.
You can see the current price of a vote at