What is a "Guaranteed Authentic" collection?

They are collections that has been verified by Mintable.

How do we determine if a collection is 'Guaranteed Authentic'?

It is up to Mintable’s discretion whether or not a collection is authentic. We use a process that involves cross-referencing the collection’s official website or social media handles and verifying projects based on the smart contract that is on the blockchain as well.

You should always do your own research (DYOR). There is nothing 100% safe when it comes to the NFTs space. It doesn't mean that getting from a verified collection, it's safe. Please DYOR!


Eligibility is based on a number of criteria. Some of these criteria include:

  1. Collections with a trading volume of a minimum of 100 ETH.

  2. Collections with a strong and active community with at least 5000 discord members or 20,000 active Twitter followers, or 50,000 active Instagram followers.

  3. Collections that have a verified smart contract on Etherscan.

  4. Your store needs to be claimed with the store logo and banner uploaded, filled descriptions, and updated social media links.

How to get verified if your collection meets our criteria for eligibility:

Reach out to us via Twitter/ Instagram post or Discord and ask for verification on Mintable so that we can reach out to you and get your collection verified!

You can also submit a request here. Try to include all the necessary details (e.g., Mintable username & email, wallet address, collection's smart contract address,..).

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