How to buy an item?

Buy it, hodl it, trade it, download it.

It's very easy to buy an NFT (item) using Mintable!

First, find an NFT you like... like this one:

or from the item page:

Make sure you have a wallet connected and have ETH in your wallet

You'll need ETH in your wallet or use a credit card to make any purchases.

You also can't buy NFTs if you do not have a wallet connected.

Click the blue button

Check to make sure the information is correct!

Click "Confirm Payment" and submit the transaction via your wallet

Your transaction will be processed on the blockchain. Within a few seconds you should see a new button to view the item in your profile, this means you are good to go!

You can go see your items on your "My Orders" page on your profile. Once the transaction has been approved on the blockchain you can refresh the page and it will show "COMPLETED"

Buying With A Credit Card

Please take note there will be a 5% fee from the credit card processor.

Mintable uses to process payments in accordance with KYC (Know your client) laws to comply with anti-money laundering laws. Since NFTs can only reside in Ethereum wallets, they must be exchanged on the Ethereum blockchain and paid for with Ether. This means you need an Ethereum wallet regardless of the payment method! Once your card's payment details are registered and confirmed, immediate exchange of your sovereign currency for Ether takes place procuring the NFT in your Ethereum wallet address.

NFT Authenticity - What does this mean?

To protect collectors, we have rolled out an authentication feature to ensure that the NFT being purchased is an original piece. This feature works by crawling the internet for the same or similar-looking artwork and highlighting them to the collector so that they can make an informed purchasing decision.

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