User Safety Guide

Some key tips on staying safe on Mintable and in the Metaverse.
Mintable staff will not send PMs to you and will never ask for your wallet seed phrase, show your wallet QR Code or direct you to external links.
Mintable staff will NEVER ask users for any cryptocurrencies, to click a link, or scan a QR code for verification, technical support, or similar reasons.
Mintable does not have any “Private Auction”, and we will not contact you via Messaging for giveaways.

General Messaging Guidelines On Mintable

  • Do not click on suspicious links.
  • Do not harass other users into purchasing your NFTs.
  • Do not engage in private trades, Mintable will not be responsible for any loss of assets.
  • Be careful of individuals or accounts impersonating Mintable Staff.
Examples of messages on Mintable:

General Messaging Guidelines On Discord

On Discord. Disable Direct Messages from Server Members.
Examples of phishing links on Discord:

Help! I have been contacted by someone who claims to be a Mintable Staff!

Please report to us by contacting us here or reach out to our Community managers on Discord.