How to buy an item

Buy an NFT and resell it, hodl it, trade it, download it.

Its very easy to buy an NFT (item) using Mintable!

First find a NFT you like... like this one:
or from the item page:

Make sure you have zilPay installed and have ZIL in your wallet

ZilPay is required to submit transactions on the zilliqa blockchain. You cannot buy an item if you don't have zilpay installed, unlocked and ready with funds.

Click the blue button

Check to make sure the information is correct!

Click "PROCEED TO PAY" and submit the transaction via zilPay

Your transaction will be processed on the blockchain, within a few seconds you should see a new button to view the item in your profile, this means your good to go!
You can go see your items in your "My Orders" page on your profile. Once the transaction has been approved on the blockchain you can refresh the page and it will show "COMPLETED"
Pending - awaiting the blockchain to process my payment