How to create a store

Creating a store is the first step to selling your items! They need a place to live - so you have to create a store first!
A wallet is required to create a store - you need to have zilpay on your browser. You can get zilpay at the official site: or directly from google's extension store here

What is my store/Why do I need one?

Your items need to be stored somewhere - that somewhere is your store.
Your store is actually a smart contract on the blockchain
When you create your store you are deploying a smart contract onto the blockchain where it will live forever. It will also have its own, unique address that only your store will have. (this is how you can prove that your items are actually authentic and from you).
Only you can create items on your store (smart contract)

Lets get started!

Making your first store
To create a store go to: or click on "create a store" in the top right of the page.
If you are not logged in - or you don't have zilpay connected - you will see a message preventing you from moving further.
This is the category of items you are selling. Its how buyers will be able to filter through stores for things they want. If you are selling art - it would be artwork. If music - it would be media files.
This is the title of your store. This title is the name of your smart contract and will be displayed everywhere. Make sure its description and catches people's eyes!
This is the subtitle of your store. You can add more information here about your store. This will be the symbol of your smart contract (but it doesn't need to be a symbol)
Tags tell users what your store is about. Tags are used for searching for items and stores. Add up to 8 tags.
Cover Image
This is what is displayed as the image for your store. A good cover image is the key to having people look at your store.
Tell the world about your store and whats inside. Be descriptive and catch the buyer's eye.

Submit your transaction

After you are finished confirming all your information is correct - you will submit your transaction which creates your smart contract on the blockchain.
This transaction will take a few seconds to a few minutes to confirm. Please DO NOT close the page or you will lose the information you have submitted and your store won't show up
After your transaction is finished - you will be ready to create new items in your store!

Congrats you just created a smart contract on the blockchain that will live forever!