How to promote your listings

Get more eyes on your items and earn more money with boosted listings

Why boost my items?

You can't sell your NFTs if no one can see them. Boosting your listings puts them at the top of the search page for everyone to see - and on the homepage as well.
Boosted items are seen first on the homepage
Boosted items are seen first on the search/browse pages

How to boost your item

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    Click on "Create ad"
Items to promote:
You can select the items you want to boost, you can boost as many as you like. The total budget is split between all items. So if your budget is $10 and you have 5 items boosted, each item gets $2 budget
Start and End dates:
When your ad will start and end.
Total amount to spend on the campaign
Bidding type:
Mintable uses CPC (cost per click) so you can set that here.
  • Automatic - then everyday the CPC will be automatically adjusted so that your ads remain within the top ads shown. (suggested)
  • Manual - if you select manual then your price is set by you. If the average price for all boosted items is 0.50 and you set yours at 0.10, your ad will probably never been seen as others will be shown first. (not suggested)

Submit your items!

You will be asked to pay for your promotion via zilpay - using ZIL. After you submit the transaction, your ads will be created and automatically be shown.
If you have ad credits you won't need to make any payment, it will automatically deduct your ad credits.

Cancel/edit boosted items

You can cancel your ads at anytime. You can also edit the details of each ad.
If you cancel your ads, your remaining balance will be credited to your account and you can use them for other ads without needing to pay.
Due to the nature of cryptocurrency, ad payments are non-refundable. If you cancel an ad your remaining balance is credited to your account so you don't lose any money, but you cannot refund your blockchain transaction.