What is Mintable?

Mintable is a marketplace to buy and sell digital items on the blockchain (NFTs also known as ZRC-1s).
Create your items on the blockchain
With Mintable you can easily turn your content (such as files, artwork, music, PDFs, images, etc) into an item that lives on the blockchain.
Digital items live on the blockchain by using smart contracts - and Mintable lets you create a smart contract - without having to worry about coding/programming it yourself.
You just fill in the details about your item and then the item and smart contract are created!
Buy digital items
Mintable lets you browse and buy digital items that are listed for sale. These items live on the blockchain and when you buy them - they are deposited into your wallet. You have 100% verifiable proof that you are the owner of whatever you buy.
All items have images attached - so that you can see them in your wallet and what they represent. Such as artwork, or if its a trading card - the card image.
Some items have files attached and only the direct owner of that item can access and download the file.
Sell digital items
As a creator - you can sell your content using Mintable. If you are an artist, or a musician, or a project - you can use digital items to provide unique benefits over traditional means. For example an artist can create a series of limited editions and because they are on the blockchain - anyone can see that there are only X amount of these pieces of art created by you.
If you are a musician you can create rare album covers and then give the owners the music files to download after purchasing your items.