A popup says I don't have a wallet

Uh oh - whats going on I have zilpay!
If you see this pop up but you have zilpay installed - try the following steps.

1. Make sure ZilPay is unlocked and you have money in your account

If your wallet is unlocked, it will show you your balance and transaction history. If it asks for a password, then its still locked.

Refresh the page

Just refresh the page. Sometimes zilpay doesn't inject the blockchain connection into the browser. A refresh will fix this issue 90% of the time.
It might help to refresh on the homepage instead of the current page your on.

Turn zilpay off and back on

Sometimes zilpay is buggy - so lets turn it off and back on again. Its easy to do.
Step 1. Close - you don't need it open and it won't help if you keep mintable open.
Step 2. Right click ZilPay in your browser
Click on "Manage extensions"
Step 3: Turn this slider on and off.
Step 4: Go back to Mintable and try to do what you were doing again.

That didn't work? Okay lets try removing the connection to Mintable from zilpay.

Step 1: Open Zilpay and click on the 3 lines in the top left then click "connections"
Step 2: Click the trash icon next to the connection
Step 3: Refresh the page on Mintable and try again.