Someone sent me an NFT to my ZilPay wallet - How do I see it on Mintable?

Awesome!!! You got an NFT! Lets get it showing on your Mintable account so you can sell it, trade it, or admire it.

Step 1: Go to your profile on Mintable and make sure you add your wallet to your profile.

First load up your profile at
Then click on "Settings" or go directly to
Edit your profile to add your address

Save your wallet address to your profile

If you see an address in the box in the red - then it has connected with your wallet and your ready to save it!
(Note: addresses are displayed as 0x instead of zil)
Press save

Step 2: Add a token to your wallet

Click on "My NFTs" on your profile - or visit the page

Enter the token's smart contract address

It can be an '0x' or 'zil' address. They both work.

Step 3: Enjoy your new NFTs!

If you own any tokens on that contract's address, you will see them loaded on your profile now.
If no tokens loaded then you don't own any from that address - or you didn't put in the correct contract address.