My Wallet

Display your NFTs inside your wallet
My Wallet will only show items you've made on Mintable - otherwise you need to add them manually

My Wallet

To start - make sure you have connected your address to your account via "settings" on the top of your profile.
Scan for a domain or add a token manually!
No tokens: If you don't see your tokens you own - you can add a token manually by entering the contract address of the NFTs.
Domains: If you have Unstoppable Domains (.ZIL) in your wallet - you can press scan for domains and it will load up to 30 of your domains.
(If have more than 30, we can only show 30, so they won't be displayed until you list some for sale and then the next few will be loaded.)

Transfer or Sell

Once you have your tokens loaded - you can choose to transfer them to another address or sell them on the marketplace.
Remember! Only transfer your NFTs to a zilpay wallet - other wallets cannot see/interact with NFTs and they will be lost
Transfering: See how to transfer my tokens.
Selling: See how to sell my item